Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We are pleased to utilize cutting-edge dental technology at Sunlight Dentistry. One of our most advanced technological tools is the dental laser. Laser dentistry enhances your dental experience by ensuring that your visit is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Laser dentistry holds many benefits. First, the dental laser is an extremely precise tool. It allows our talented dentist, Dr. Corey Johnson, to treat the affected area without disturbing nearby healthy tissues. Second, the dental laser results in minimal bleeding both during and after the treatment. Laser dentistry is exceptionally comfortable; in some cases, anesthetic is not needed for treatments completed with the dental laser. In addition, dental lasers lower the risk for infection during the healing period. Dr. Corey Johnson can typically complete many dental treatments in a shorter period of time by using the dental laser, so you spend less time in our office and more time enjoying your smile.

For more information on laser dentistry in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and how our dental technology can improve your experience at our office, please call or visit us today.

Dental Laser Applications:

To treat periodontal disease (gum disease).
To re-shape and re-contour the gum line for cosmetic and restorative purposes.
To treat cold sores and canker sores.

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